Molly Luseno

I am 53 years old and I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage four in June 2016. I started ailing in December 2014. I remember waking up at 3am in the morning one night with very severe midriff pain, which took me to hospital the next day.

At the facility, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis, given painkillers and sent home. However, a month later, the pain came back worse than the first time, more constant and excruciating than it was.

As the pains worsened, I also started getting fevers and stomach pains. I also lost a significant 60 kilos within that period. Initially, I would go to hospital every time I was in pain. Interestingly, however, the doctors’ diagnosis never changed from pancreatitis.

One day I decided to ask the doctor why the pancreatitis was not getting cured. As a result, I was asked to undergo some scans but before they could give me my results, I remember the doctor asking me how many bottles of beer I take, to which I responded to the negative. That is when I saw his face change. Immediately, I was sent to do a liver biopsy which showed the cancer cells which had started from the pancreas and spread to the liver and lungs.

After undergoing a number of tests and being kept in the dark, the doctor finally revealed to me that I had cancer and started on treatment. 12 sessions of chemotherapy later, my finances ran dry and at that point also decided to change hospitals and come to Texas Cancer Centre, which I had heard about from friends and relatives.

I prefer coming here because they have specialized in cancer and therefore solely offer cancer care. Besides that, the doctors at TCC offer comforting messages to patients. Today, I can confidently say that I have seen a lot of changes in my health after finishing my second sessions of chemo at Texas.