Irene Were


Every day, patients walk into Texas Cancer Centre in search of both affordable and quality care. Beyond interacting with doctors who offer the medical solutions, these patients also interact with Irene, who helps them resolve any hitches that they may have encountered in the process of seeking services at TCC.

Prior to joining TCC as a human resource manager and the hospital’s legal advisor, Irene first walked the corridors of TCC as a caregiver of a patient whom she would accompany every day to the hospital for two years.

Through the services offered to her patient and the personalized care extended to Irene’s relative, she decided to join the team.

Besides patient care, she also ensures that employee rights are adhered to as well as staff compliance to stipulated statutory mandates.

Irene is a trained Human Resource Personnel and lawyer who ensures that through efficient protocols put in place at TCC, the 160 staff as well as patients are satisfied with her work.