DR. Evans Mwendwa


Dr. Evans Mwendwa is a medical doctor and the hospital administrator at TCC. He was named to this role in March 2017 when he joined the facility.

Prior to joining TCC, Dr Mwendwa was a general physician serving in one of the country’s public facilities, where he has amassed a wealth of expertise on how to interact with patients and handle their immediate families.

A medical doctor by training, Dr Mwendwa’s job at TCC GIVES him an opportunity to do both clinical and administrative duties, where he ensures that patients are given all the services with utmost respect accorded at any given time.

To ensure smooth operations at the hospital, he works with a team of five doctors on a daily basis and also have a pool of 20 others on call.

His daily motivation and drive is drawn from helping sick patients to get better. At times, he says, these patients do not get better but it is part of the job.