DR. Catherine Nyongesa

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Cancer Centre (TCC), since the hospital was founded in 2010.

She and one other co-founder started the facility as a nursing home where cancer patients could walk in for palliative services.

But it was Dr Nyongesa’s personal interaction with ill family members that begun the journey of creating TCC to be a Centre of excellence and a beckon of hope for many patients.

As a medicine student at the University of Nairobi 17 years ago, Dr Nyongesa had a rough time taking care of her sister, who was suffering from uterine cancer. That period shaped Dr Nyongesa’s life for good, as she swore to pursue a specialisation in cancer to help save the lives of many.

Upon graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine in 1995, Nyongesa worked in several hospitals until 2002 when she decided to pursue her Master’s degree. True to her word, she went on to pursue a Masters in Oncology from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, which she completed in 2006.

Upon returning to Kenya, Dr. Nyongesa took a leap of faith and decided to start TCC wher today, she has been able to offer a homely environment for recovery at an affordable price.

Given the rise in cancer cases, the creation of TCC, has bridged the gap between cost and care. For this, she hopes to steer the Texas Cancer Centre into a leading oncology facility in the region, just like the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas.