About Us


OUR VISION at Texas Cancer Centre Kenya, is to be the premier cancer facility in sub-Saharan Africa. Named after the location of the largest cancer centre, Texas Cancer Centre (TCC) was started in July 2010 as a specialised cancer nursing home. This was in response to a gap that the founders of the hospital noted in the health care service provision in the region, where clients were unable to promptly access specialist cancer treatment services due to lack of knowledge about the right doctors and where to find the services with ease.

TCC was born out of the principle that accessible, affordable and quality healthcare should be available to everyone without compromising the quality of service or overall treatment outcome. With this in mind, the hospital has paved its position as a formidable player in the primary healthcare provider sector and is committed to continuously pursue excellence and provide world-class services to all its customers.

Initially the Centre only offered chemotherapy treatment as an outpatient service. Later, an inpatient facility in Hurlingham, Nairobi was built.

With assistance from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, TCC has been able to acquire and install a radiotherapy machine, set up a diagnostic laboratory and acquire x-ray machines and ultrasound equipment.

Today, the institution has grown into a leading private cancer care and treatment centre which is the process of building an ultramodern facility with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment across its four branches.

Besides offering 24-hour nursing care, and a host of several other services, the hospital also runs a cancer support group where cancer patients get together. We not only believe in strengthening our patients’ physical strength, but also trust that emotional wellbeing goes a great deal into building our patients’ faith in the treatment they are receiving.

As such, we strive to be recognized and trusted by people living with cancer as the premier center for healing and hope.

TCC’s Quality and Safety Policy (Mission)

At Texas Cancer Centre:

  • We strive to be the centre of integrative and compassionate cancer care.
  • We believe in the provision of accessible, cost effective, and efficient care that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.
  • We never stop searching for and providing powerful and innovative therapies to heal the whole person, improve quality of life and restore hope, home away from home.
  • We strive to combine research, education community and a focus on clinical care through multi-disciplinary approaches that provides comprehensive care to cancer patients.
  • We strive to embrace our patients and their families as important.


​Our approach to care is guided by our core values of being hopeful, compassionate, ethical and responsive as we offer quality and access to our clients.​


Our highly skilled medical professionals are committed to providing patients with world class health care. The medical team consists of specialists in different fields of medicine, which helps us to offer comprehensive medical services.


Texas Cancer Centre is a private health facility committed to offering quality healthcare which can be accessible to all.

Our main hospital is located in Nairobi, along Mbagathi way. We also have two more facilities in Nairobi and one in Eldoret.

We offer affordable diagnosis and treatment to our patients who can pay for the services offered through the private insurance or out-of-pocket.


Texas Cancer Centre is the home of integrative and compassionate cancer care. We not only offers affordable services but it is also the first facility that solely specializes in offering patients oncology services.

TCC offers healthcare service that are relevant to the communities that we serve and beyond, regardless of gender, faith or ethnic origin.

Our dedicated staff, advanced facilities and state-of-the-art technologies help us start our patients on treatment as soon as they are diagnosed, earning us great reputation as a leading oncology institution in Kenya and across East and Central Africa.

Our promise

You and your healing are at the center of our hearts, minds and actions every day. We rally our team around you, delivering compassionate, integrative cancer care for your body, mind and spirit.

We offer clear information, powerful and thorough treatment options, all based on your needs. We honor your courage, respect your decisions, and offer to share your journey of healing and hope.